‘This is the meat we need’: Kevin Durant’s hilarious reaction to the NBA champion’s Thanksgiving admission leaves fans stunned

Kevin Durant is that cousin who walks on Thanksgiving. He admitted this in an interview with the boardroom. Durant then retweeted a video of the interview with a caption that read: “Enjoy your day. Don’t text me even though you know I love you.” However, just before Durant called it a day on social media to celebrate Thanksgiving, Durant couldn’t resist responding to former Boston Celtics star Kendrick Perkins’ tweet. This left NBA fans in splits.


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Kendrick Perkins revealed his Thanksgiving tradition on Twitter. He said, “I just knocked over my first Thanksgiving plate!!! I have about 5 more to go. Don’t judge me and get on with it.” While fans were quite surprised by this, the two-time NBA champion decided to give Perkins a hilarious jab. durant Posted an image of a fan holding a huge plate filled with exponential amounts of food. And NBA fans seemed to love Durant’s answer.


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NBA Twitter in splits thanks to Kevin Durant

As always, fans were quick to respond to Kevin Durant’s hilarious response. “This is the beef we need” said one tweet in particular. They commented that Durant was the funniest player online. Fans also claimed that Kevin Durant runs the NBA’s Twitter world.


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4 days ago

Some also indicated that this was the plate they needed for their Thanksgiving dinner. Most fans responded with the laughing emoji, noting that Kevin Durant did “No cold.”

Here are some of the reactions from NBA Twitter:

Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins were teammates while playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder. After spending time together, it’s safe to speculate that Durant is aware of Perkins’ Thanksgiving traditions and eating habits in general.

The status of their relationship

Allegedly, when Durant pulled a calf while playing for the Golden State Warriors, a concerned Perkins went to Durant’s house and looked for him. He advised Durant to rest. However, Durant went back on court for the next game. This led to his Achilles injury.

Subsequently, Perkins went on television and fired on the Warriors organization. He said, “I spilled all the beans I wasn’t supposed to say. I should stay indoors.” Perkins thought he was just looking for Durant.


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Oklahoma City Thunder players Kevin Durant (35) and Kendrick Perkins train during a practice session June 20, 2012 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. (Image credit: EMMERT/AFP/GettyImages)


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On several occasions, the duo have called each other on social media. Especially at the beginning of this season, Perkins had been very critical of Durant’s performance. Still, the feud between the two took a fun turn thanks to the Brooklyn Nets star celebrating Thanksgiving.

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