The 10 worst plot holes in otherwise good movies, according to Reddit

With Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Finally in theaters, it promises to surpass the original film with an even larger cast and a multi-faceted mystery that demands the viewer’s full attention. Rian Johnson will hope he covered all the details while making so many records, as movie fans on Reddit are always ready to point out a plot hole should one arise.

It wouldn’t be the first great movie with a huge plot hole, with popular movies like ant man and The little mermaid both have their problems. Meanwhile, big film franchises like war of stars and Harry Potter didn’t escape the keen eyes of Reddit either.


The Planes in Die Hard 2 (1990)

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Bruce Willis on the Die Hard 2 poster

Where the first Die Hard The film thrived on its restrained skyscraper backdrop, die hard 2 also found decent success taking John McClane to a terrorist-taken Washington Dulles International Airport. It’s a race against time to stop them before the incoming planes run out of fuel, causing total disaster.

However, Redditor GiddyUp18 has a problem with that premise, commenting that “they’re no more than half an hour from a dozen different airports in that particular area.” Instead of circling overhead and adding to the excitement of a gripping movie, the planes probably would have just landed somewhere else.

Stealing a Plane in Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

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Wonder Woman stands in a mall during World War 1984

die hard 2 isn’t the only well-regarded film with some airplane-based plot holes Wonder Woman 1984 also had some issues that bothered Redditors in the same space. Redditor IamNobody85 wanted to know how “a display aircraft [had] Fuel” and also why Diana made the plane invisible and also made it untraceable by modern technology.

Other Redditors also pointed out that no matter how good a pilot he claims to be, Steve Trevor is unlikely to be able to fly a modern jet given how much technology has changed since his era. Having the pair steal a plane from the military base was a fun idea, but one with some problems with verification.

Hades Doesn’t Realize Hercules Lives in Hercules (1997)

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Hades looks annoyed in Disney's Hercules

Despite its liberal approach to adapting the source material, Disney’s Hercules is still by far one of the best films based on Greek mythology. While the fact that it never took itself too seriously meant it could get away with plenty of silly moments, there was one issue that Redditor TheRealPyroGothNerd found spilling over into plot hole territory.

According to them, when Hades sends Pain and Panic to murder young Hercules and they fail, “Hades would have been able to verify that Hercules did indeed die very easily.” In fact, it’s hard to believe that as overseer of the underworld, he wouldn’t check to see if such an important task wasn’t properly completed, which makes the whole storyline a little unbelievable from that point on.

The Little Tank in Ant-Man (2015)

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Ant-Man Mistake tank weight

Die-hard MCU fans will know that the Marvel franchise has its share of plot holes in all of its storylines, but it’s usually just vague enough about the forces at play that it can get away with it. Unfortunately an attempt to actually explain Scott Lang’s powers in the first one ant man Movie meant it ran straight into a huge plot hole.

This is due to a comment by Hank Pym about things having the same mass even when shrunk. As Redditor PokemonGirl77 points out, “If that’s the case, how did Hank carry the tank around if it’s still the same mass?” If Ant-Man’s mass stays the same, then so should the tank, which suggests , that Hank would already have been strong enough to pick up a full-size tank before.

The Marauder’s Map in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

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Peter Pettigrew crawls in Harry Potter.

The Marauder’s Map is one of the most powerful tools in the game Harry Potter Movies thanks to his ability to identify people even when they take on a different form, like Peter Pettigrew when disguised as a rat. While this is key to the plot, Redditor Megabot555 believes it also undermines it slightly.

That’s because Fred and George have reportedly had the card since their freshman year, but haven’t seen “the massive Peter Pettigrew in Ron’s name for years.” It’s hard to believe the couple didn’t even check their younger sibling’s whereabouts while Pettigrew was around, and grew suspicious.

The Tether Cut Scene in Gravity (2013)

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Ryan Stone in space looks scared in gravity

While most sci-fi movies don’t claim much, if any, realism, the fact is that heaviness seems grounded in actual science, making it the subject of closer scrutiny by eagle-eyed fans. That’s why Redditors like rob5i think that the movie was ruined by a certain scene.

According to them, the moment Dr. Stone having him cut loose by Kowalski to save himself is “complete nonsense as there is no physical force pulling him away. With the slight tug on the leash, he would have floated over to her.” Interestingly, while some big names including Neil DeGrasse Tyson agree, said NASA engineer Robert Frost Washington Post that he believed the reasoning was reasonable, meaning it’s apparently not the plot hole.

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Cary Elwes in Saw 2004

Seen is a film franchise notorious for its brutally gory and punishing moments, and one of the most vivid came in the first film in the series. That’s when a distraught Gordon, realizing the phone he needed was out of reach and still chained to his ankle, saw little choice but to amputate his own foot.

(Warning: The video contains graphic content.)

Redditor Constance-Morton wants to know why he didn’t “just use the saw on the phone that was just out of reach.” While other fans have their own explanation for this, with some suggesting he cut off his foot to confront Adam rather than reach the phone, this is just one example of how a healthy dose of lifting disbelief is sometimes required to enjoy the horror franchise.

Ariel’s stolen voice in The Little Mermaid (1989)

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Ariel bathes in a pool in The Little Mermaid.

While it’s clear that Ariel may not be the smartest mermaid in Atlantica, having traded her voice with everyone’s favorite Disney villain Ursula for a chance to live on land, there’s still one mistake she makes appears, which spills over into plot hole territory. As Redditor 25thNightStyle puts it, “Girls, just write things down.”

While that may sound difficult underwater, the fact that Sebastian is seen with sheet music in hand and that Ursula even gets a written contract seems to prove that written language and underwater writing are very important in Atlantica. Perhaps the best way to dispel disbelief is to simply assume that Ariel wasn’t smart enough to ever think of it.

Ben Kenobi’s memory in Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope (1977)

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Ben Kenobi Luke Skywalker and C3Po in Star Wars

George Lucas had a challenge writing the war of stars Decades after the first film aired, and for the most part, prequels did a good job of making sure the films stayed cohesive. Unfortunately, there were still a few mistakes that a Redditor considers plot holes.

They mainly want to know why Obi-Wan didn’t “remember R2-D2 and C-3PO” when he was reunited with the droids after the prequels revealed he had known the pair for a long time. It’s far from the only example in the films, as others point out the absurdity of hiding Luke on Anakin’s home planet and letting him keep the Skywalker name, though that might just make tracking easier.

Nobody Believes In Independence Day Alien Abductions (1996)

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Randy Quaid on Independence Day

The worst plot holes are the ones that completely undermine the film’s central premise, but when films are as ridiculous as Roland Emmerich’s independence Day, plot holes just add to the fun instead. So, with distant applause, Redditor can see the funny side of what they think doesn’t make sense about the plot.

That’s that “everyone is looking at Randy Quaid like he’s crazy for saying he was abducted by aliens…while the world is currently being invaded by aliens.” If there’s anything that could make an abduction story believable, it would be it the active alien invasion they are currently trying to survive.

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