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Perhaps it’s time for Philadelphia sports fans to look back on a momentous 2022 that is coming to an end, especially at this particular time, to be grateful.

It’s hard not to put the Phillies first — as their staunch supporters no doubt appreciate the team’s return to the postseason and exciting run to the World Series. Now there’s the latest news to be thankful for as Bryce Harper’s elbow surgery has apparently been called ‘successful’.

The Eagles may have fallen short of perfection, but who knows if that helps the team refocus and win when it matters most, that might not be something to be thankful for in the future.

Union, who finally have an active player at the World Cup and continue to send top American talent to Europe, had a stellar season culminated in a heartbreaking final.

As for the Sixers, their game against the Nets should be a reminder of exactly what the team lost and the grit they gained to prove the true meaning of the phrase “good riddance.”

Finally the flyers. Well, honestly, with all the amazing performances by Philadelphia’s sports teams over the past year, maybe it’s time for the Flyers to keep the city humble and test the loyalty of their fans.

So we say thank you for everything.

Or perhaps Marcus Hayes puts it best in a more complete list of what Philly sports fans should appreciate.

— Andrea Canales, Inquirer Sports Staff, @phillysport, [email protected].

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The quarterback sneak is becoming less common in the NFL these days, but don’t tell the Eagles.

They’ve played up Jalen Hurts’ number in short-range situations 20 times this season in the league, converting 19 of them. What’s her secret? Because of this, the QB sneak has become a near-perfect play for the Birds.

Football is an emotional game, and Nick Sirianni is about as emotional as NFL coaches are in 2022. Josh Tolentino spoke to the head coach as a sophomore about his recent emotional outbursts on the sidelines.

Next: The Eagles host the Packers Sunday at 8:20 p.m. (NBC10).

Inquirer Eagles beat reporters EJ Smith and Josh Tolentino to preview the team’s Week 12 game against the Green Bay Packers Sunday at 7 p.m

Now, as the tables turn. Yes, Carlos Correa was a former member of the Houston Astros during the height of the trash can bang, but he’s also a talented shortstop and the latest in a list of options for the Phillies.

Alex Coffey takes a close look at all the ins and outs and opportunities surrounding Correa.

The Sixers’ good spirits after their win over Ben Simmons and the Brooklyn Nets didn’t last long. Again shorthanded with Joel Embiid, James Harden and Tyrese Maxey on the touchline, they lost to the lowly Hornets, 107-101, in Charlotte, NC

Next: The Sixers visit the Orlando Magic Friday at 7 p.m. (NBCSP).

The Flyers, who have lost eight straight games, recently lost two other key players in Travis Konecny ​​and Scott Laughton to injury.

As Giana Han writes, as the ranks are exhausted, John Tortorella is looking for new leaders to emerge.

Alex Ovechkin ended the Flyers in overtime Wednesday night as the Washington Capitals clinched a 3-2 win.

Next: The Flyers host Pennsylvania rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday (5:30 p.m. TNT).

For some acclaimed club sides around the world, having their players compete in the World Cup is old hat, but it is a historic moment for the Union. Fans will be up early to see Cameroon and even if Oliver Mbaizo doesn’t come off the bench, the moment will count, says Jonathan Tannenwald.

Know your story – Philadelphia’s contribution to the United States’ success against England at the World Cup has deep roots, and one person’s impact is still being felt in the football community today. Matt Breen has the story behind the story most already know about Walter Bahr.

Team USA take on England on Black Friday – Tannenwald previews the game and offers a prediction Union and US fans may not be happy about.

Next: Follow all of our World Cup coverage!

Which free-agent shortstop should the Phillies sign—Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts, Carlos Correa, or Dansby Swanson?

No doubt it’s Trea Turner. He would be an excellent addition to the Phils and there’s that Harper connection too. If they don’t get him, Dansby Swanson would be my number two. —Kathi T.

Turner has more of an advantage with his speed and power, but I’d like to see Xander because he’s hitting line drives to all courts and has that clubhouse experience. – Mike S

Let’s try Trea at shortstop. But hats off to Jean too. loved him. – Tom O

In my opinion, the Phillies should sign Trea Turner as soon as possible. He’s the perfect fit as a leadoff hitter. . – David W

We’ve compiled today’s newsletter with stories from Marcus Hayes, Matt Breen, EJ Smith, Josh Tolentino, Keith Pompey, Giana Han, Olivia Reiner, Alex Coffey, Jonathan Tannenwald, Aaron Tully, Rob Tornoe, and Isabella DiAmore.


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