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Originally announced in a tweet from the legendary director last October M. Night Shyamalan The presentation of the film title with spooky background scores is about to be released. The film is made in collaboration with Shyamalan’s production company Blending Edge images and Universal images. Knock at the hut based on a 2018 novel by the horror author Paul G Tremblay called The hut at the end of the world which earned the author his second Bram Stoker Award. Shyamalan is known for the twists he adds to his storylines and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in this story!

Release date and how to watch it…


As the trailer suggests, the film is set to hit theaters 3 February 2023. The film was originally scheduled to premiere on February 17, but was then pushed back by two weeks. The film debuts at an unrivaled time, which is great; The original release date would be complete with MCUs Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

What is the plot of Knock on the hut?

The story follows a couple, Andrew and Eric, and their young adopted daughter, who move into a cabin in the woods for a relaxing getaway. Her holiday spirit is soon destroyed by a man and three other strangers. The man goes by the name “Leonard” and says he’s here to befriend the little girl and her family, but also says he has to do something that breaks his heart; As he says these words, the other three men emerge from the forest behind him, wielding strange, menacing weapons. The four strangers force their way into her cabin and say, “We have a very important job to do,” which may be the most important job “in the history of the world.” The four strangers are symbolic and it’s hard not to imagine them as the four horsemen of the apocalypse. This storyline screams Shyamalan!

Who is in the cast of Knock on the hut?


The film is supported by a very tight cast that plays Leonard David Bautistaand Eric and Andrew are brought over Ben Aldridge and Jonathan Grof, respectively. Aldridge is best known for his television shows, fleasack and Our girl. Kristen Cui plays the adorable Wen, daughter of Eric and Andrew. Rupert Grint and nikki amuka bird, who have both worked with Shyamalan before also join the cast.

Is there a trailer for Knock on the hut?

Yes, check out the trailer below…

Is there a poster for Knock on the hut?

Check out the poster below…



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