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Just because of the title, the documentary by Diana Bustamante, Our movieisn’t what you think it is…until you actually think about it and it becomes the perfect title.

Our movie begins with a group of children singing the Colombian national anthem on the steps of the capital. It’s a video that plays on that particular TV station that turns off every night when it turns off. Our movie then takes a very somber turn when it pulls up old news videos from the Colombian archives documenting the reign of terror of Pablo Escobar’s powerful drug cartels to which its citizens were subjected.

The footage begins with news of the kidnapping and murder of the Colombian Inspector General along with beloved journalist Jorge Enrique Pulido. Thousands took to the streets to mourn her death, weeping in outrage at the government’s complicity in these killings and its inability to bring justice. But the public killings did not end there.

Before you know it, the violence is intensifying, and the numbers and identities of the victims are becoming more painful and unfortunate. At one point, random farming communities are targeted by the cartels, hauling the men on those farms into the public eye and being publicly executed, almost as a message to the other farmer thinking of taking action against the cartel. The news then reports that over 2000 political killings have taken place during the year, along with the murder of hundreds of peasants and workers.

“…Documentation of the Reign of Terror its citizens faced off against the powerful drug cartels led by Pablo Escobar.”

Now violence has become a normal way of life. We are shown B-roll footage of blood running down driveways and streets, bullet-riddled cars, broken glass and murder scenes. The madness and brutality only worsened as bullets flew while news cameras rolled and bodies fell to the ground in front of them. Arguably the worst horror came when they learned the cartels had hired 12-year-old boys to be their assassins.

As strange as it sounds Our movie is an apt title for Bustamante’s documentary. This was the film about the filmmaker’s everyday life in Colombia and aired daily. That fear has certainly left an indelible mark on the nation’s children, who have been unable to escape the terror on its streets and highways. With the popularity of scripted shows like narcoticsthe story of Pablo Escobar is presented to an audience that was never there but was inside Our movie, real life makes this movie. It happened in real time, and Bustamante’s editing and storytelling skills nailed the horror.

Speaking of storytelling, Our movie Consists of 100% news videos from start to finish, it tells a complete story that aims to evoke the fear experienced in these extreme circumstances. Considering it’s a compilation piece, Our movie is doing what it has to do to support the idea that not only were untold acts committed by human beings decades ago, but that they are still happening today in places like Rwanda.

Our movie is perfect for history buffs. Filmmaker Bustamante works thousands of hours stitching together a coherent but haunting story about an entire country living in fear.

For information on screening see Our movie official site.


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