Congress creates new jobs, economic growth and cost savings in California’s 28th District

On Thanksgiving, California families gather to celebrate good food, good company, and meaningful reflections on all that we are grateful for as 2022 draws to a close.

It was another challenging year. While the economy has recovered from the pandemic, we still anticipate its lingering effects, such as stubborn inflation. High prices everywhere keep families watching their wallets, and in Congress we’re working hard to bring costs down.

In March 2021, Congress passed America’s rescue plan, which included direct assistance to millions of workers, families, small businesses, and local and state governments affected by COVID-19. This much-needed economic revival allowed businesses to hire more workers and even pursue new expansion.

32,500 jobs were created in the 28th District alone and 1.65 million were created across California. Our nationwide unemployment rate has fallen to 3.9% from 8.8% in early 2021.

The American Rescue Plan was particularly a lifeline for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs who had put their dreams on hold. In addition to the many businesses reopening their doors, 12,700 new business applications were filed in our district in 2021, and more than half a million were filed statewide.

This is more than just a return to business as usual. Both county and statewide, this is an increase of more than 35% from pre-pandemic years.

Since then, Congress has passed more legislation to spur not only job growth, but also growth in key sectors like construction, manufacturing, technology and clean energy that promise stable and secure lives for generations of Californians.

The CHIPS and Science Act, for example, is making historic investments in American research and manufacturing to develop more future technologies back home and increase America’s economic competitiveness. In our district, 700 jobs have already been created in manufacturing and 53,200 nationwide.

And the Anti-Inflation Act supports new jobs in clean energy, a sector that will see unprecedented investment if we truly commit to tackling the climate crisis. Today, there are 48,000 clean energy workers in our district—a number that will continue to grow as the bill’s investments grow over decades.

And in other areas of their lives, too, Californian families are financially relieved.

Beginning in the New Year, the healthcare provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act will bring 104,000 seniors in our district and 5.25 million nationwide significant savings on life-saving medications with the new $2,000 annual cap on prescription drugs and a $35 monthly cap on insulin. And the bill saved 53,000 of my constituents from having their health premiums go up or the price going down altogether.

That doesn’t even include the new savings Californians will see on their energy bills as a result of the Inflation Reduction Act, or the new jobs created by major infrastructure projects in our district thanks to the bipartisan Infrastructure Act.

None of this is enough and we must do more. But it is a start.

Fighting inflation will remain my top priority as Congress prepares for a new session. But this data, on the thousands of families surviving on new jobs, rising wages and significant savings, is a key indicator that we’re moving in the right direction.

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for so many things—the good health of my family and the good company of my friends. I am also grateful for the continued opportunity to serve and continue to advocate for my constituents.

Have a safe and very happy holiday and hope to see you soon.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) represents California’s 28th congressional district in the US House of Representatives.


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