Milwaukee Bucks partners with Amazon to open store with first-in-Wisconsin technology

New Technology Helps Milwaukee Bucks Fans Get Back Into the Action Faster When Buying Drinks on the Fiserv Forum

Last week, The Market by Michelob ULTRA Arena opened with Amazon’s Just Walk Out shopping experience in the main hall. The Bucks are the first in Wisconsin to use this technology, which allows fans to get drinks and snacks without having to queue at the register.

Shoppers enter a credit card before entering and selecting their items. When they leave the store, fans are automatically billed for the items they took away.

“It’s a camera-based system and it ties you to your credit card,” said Sharlan Edmonds, vice president of hospitality at Fiserv Forum and Deer District. “You can go to the store with your whole family, anyone can shop, and the technology knows everyone who is with you. But it all depends on the one credit card that’s rolled out.”

Customers also have the option to subscribe to Amazon One, which allows them to use the palm of their hand to pay.

Edmonds said the new technology was a hit with fans when it was introduced last week and has reduced waiting times in line.

“It literally takes seconds to walk in, see what’s on offer, take what you want and walk out,” she said. “I haven’t seen any queuing in the store because the process is so quick.”

In a statement, Fiserv Forum senior vice president and general manager Dennis Williams said the new technology will offer fans a “quick and smooth” experience.

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“The Market by Michelob ULTRA is another reminder that the Fiserv Forum continues to raise the bar for world-class experiences, and we’re excited to be the first place in the state to showcase this new shopping experience,” said Williams.

Meanwhile, in a statement, Amazon Web Services Applications Dilip Kumar described Fiserv Forum as “the beating heart of downtown Milwaukee” and said Amazon is “thrilled” to partner with the venue.

“Equipping this store with Amazon and Amazon One’s Just Walk Out technology is the result of an ongoing collaboration between (Amazon Web Services), Fiserv Forum and Levy focused on finding new ways to creatively apply technology, to improve the customer experience,” said Kumar.

While the technology aims to improve the game-day experience, Edmonds said it was also aimed at helping the Bucks respond to the ongoing labor shortage.

“We’ve looked at all the technology that’s out there (because) we’re still in a staffing crisis,” she said. “We don’t know when it will end, if it ever will.”

As the first in Wisconsin to use Just Walk Out technology, Edmonds shows the Bucks organization continues to look for ways to improve the fan experience. Before partnering with Amazon, The Bucks launched a mobile platform that allowed customers to order snacks without missing the game.

She said the Bucks are also looking at other technologies to improve game days.

“Amazon was just the beginning, and we’re definitely looking into possibly doing a second (‘Just Walk Out’ store) or introducing different technology,” Edmonds said. “We’ll be looking at some other things in the pipeline here soon.”


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