Jets had to bench quarterback Zach Wilson

There are teams, coaches and general managers who should feel some semblance of shame and remorse for effectively harpooning a young quarterback’s career by benching him, trading him for his rookie contract, or giving him up altogether. These are instances of utter neglect, schematic rigidity, and emotional stubbornness that we know all too well from the NFL.

But while the Jets prepare for Sunday’s game against the Bears without Zach Wilson in the lineup — a source with knowledge of the situation confirmed an ESPN report that Wilson was benched Wednesday — their coach should have nothing to apologize for . The Jets did everything they could for Wilson over the course of his first two seasons at Florham Park. Only then did Wilson make it clear that this experiment would not work. As entertaining as it might be to base this on a terse answer to a post-game question following the 13-3 loss to the Patriots (do we really expect theatrical level grief or remorse from someone who might just be a private or someone , who is uncomfortable in front of the media?), the Jets had already reached that point with Wilson, though he did make a grand, performative gesture listing all the failures of his life.


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