Idaho Man Fine with Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

Is there war at Christmas? As far as I’ve seen, not in Idaho. As for elsewhere, I would say it is a war on Christianity and the secularists have not separated the holiday from faith. There will be Christmas even if you remove tinsel, trees and toys. The villains among the Awoken also seem unaware that Christmas is not the greatest Christian holiday. That would be Easter. Without the resurrection, Christmas would simply be the birth of a baby. Any baby.

What really bothers leftists isn’t that they feel left out (it’s self-inflicted exclusion), but that almost everyone else is having a good time. Heck, even a lot of non-Christians put up trees and give out gifts. Because it feels good! That must drive the angry atheists and academics to stroke.

Christmas is so culturally huge that its enemies cannot gain a foothold. Some of them have targeted Thanksgiving instead, but this year I haven’t seen the usual whining about gluttony and land-stealing. Guess that turned into a dead end too.

Nevertheless, there are still attempts by people who absolutely want to attract attention. They now have their sights set on comedian Tim Allen. White, straight, and Republican, he embodies much of what the politically correct ghouls despise. He’s successful even where his critics aren’t.

Allen has played Santa Claus in several films and has returned to the role for Disney Channel, where his character laments current culture, which some find they can’t say Merry Christmas. For a vocal minority, this is an offense because it’s not inclusive. Which is odd in that Santa is not associated with any other holiday or belief. That Allen didn’t cower and apologize makes him an even bigger villain.

Back in Idaho, objecting to a Merry Christmas generates nothing more than an eye roll.

I will add one more related thought. When I’m in a store and my Merry Christmas moves in Happy public holidays, I’m doing well. The worker just follows the instructions and I love Perry Como’s version of Happy Holidays.

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