How IPL apps bring new entertainment experiences

Mobile applications have always been an essential part of entertainment. Mobile applications have changed the way we consume and enjoy entertainment, be it for gaming, productivity, TV or movies, or even sports.

The same goes for sports like the Indian Premier League or IPL. Apps like the IPL betting app and others have changed the way people enjoy this sport. Here are some examples of how IPL applications have transformed the entertainment experience.

Fans are increasingly watching sports on mobile devices

According to a 2022 study, 70% of respondents said they use their phones regularly, even while gaming. According to the survey, watching game commentary on multiple platforms, browsing social media, and participating in online competitions were among the top mobile activities during games alongside games.

Other key insights into how IPL fans interact with mobile footage on multiple platforms during live game broadcasts were revealed in the study. According to the survey, popular content categories include live response videos of celebrities watching matches, behind-the-scenes insights, undiscovered facts about favorite players, and match reviews from experts.

Other implications of mobile apps

According to Google’s Year in Search Report 2020, the world’s most searched term was “coronavirus”. However, the most searched term in India was “Indian Premier League”. This sporting extravaganza will again be the focus of marketers’ attention this season, with over 405 million viewers from a total television audience of 836 million across the 21 channels on which Disney Star televised the game.

Top companies in e-commerce, cars and fantasy sports compete for attention. This is fantastic; However, it is common for marketers to worry about how to effectively demonstrate the ROI of these advertising investments. This is due to a lack of data transparency and proper measurement tools.

What we can learn from the IPL 2021

The study revealed some intriguing trends in app usage by categorizing the IPL 2021 schedule into pre-season, mid-season and post-season, which could be helpful as app marketers prepare their future playbooks. User acquisition efforts during the preseason (two weeks prior) went well in most areas including education, entertainment, food and drink, gaming and shopping. Therefore, marketers would do well to develop awareness measures in the early stages to increase the overall campaign performance, while later adding revenue campaigns one at a time.

As rivalry heats up during games, user retention drops and remarketing becomes a key tool to drive engagement. Entertainment apps had the highest 30-day retention due to remarketing, with a nearly five-fold increase, followed by Food & Beverage and Finance. Focusing on most promotional activity during the game itself, especially in the evening, encouraged purchases in all categories except gaming and finance. The proportion of paying users tends to increase around the middle of the season, when most of the IPL games are being played. As such, revenue campaigns work well for most categories in the mid to late season, with the exception of Entertainment, which tends to generate more revenue and see more sessions at the beginning of each season.

Time is also an important consideration. According to the data, ads that lasted five to eight weeks had a 15% higher average impact than campaigns that lasted less than two weeks.


This year’s two franchises launched from two of India’s biggest cricket cities, Lucknow and Ahmedabad, sparking excitement among online viewers and expanding opportunities for app marketers. Newer teams from regional markets will enable advertisers to attract and engage with a wide range of online consumers, while current users will be crucial in the face of increased competition.

As a result, the playbook would need to be supported by creativity and innovation as key drivers for marketers to differentiate themselves from their peers in a crowded and hectic world.


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