Hamilton’s updated “Interstellar” watch is even better than the film version

This is a story about four millimeters or lack thereof. In recent years, this is a familiar story as watch sizes have become more in line with average wrist sizes, but in some cases it’s particularly notable. We loved it when Hamilton announced in 2019 that the prop watch was created for and starred in the 2014 film Interstellar went into general production – but it was kind of, well, gigantic proportioned.

That’s all changing now. Hamilton has announced a new version of this watch in a 38mm-wide case, which differs from the 42mm of the original.

Strictly speaking, 42mm is not considered oversized in the watchmaking world, where timepieces can be much, much larger. But the Murph’s facade consists mostly of a dial and a very small bezel, which tends to make watches look even bolder than their proportions suggest. Most importantly, the 2019 Murph measured lug-to-lug in length at 52mm, and that’s fine for the large wrists, but resulted in a watch that was disappointingly unwearable for many.

hamilton murph clock laid flat on white surface

The new Hamilton Murph: now 38mm x 44.7mm x 11.1mm and as beautiful as ever.


With the reduced diameter of the new version, of course, comes a proportionally shorter case of 44.7 mm. But there are some other small differences from this version that we consider as improvements at least. The 2019 Murph had some cheesy touches that nodded to the film, like markers on the second hand that spelled “Eureka” in Morse code. This is just a great looking watch with a cool reason for existence, and it doesn’t need those gimmicky ‘commemorative’ details – so we’re glad to see the new 38mm version doesn’t include them. (The clock in the movie didn’t have it either, after all.)

In Hamilton’s Khaki Field collection, the smaller version just feels more appropriate for this type of watch, even though 42mm was exactly the movie prop. The new Murph is otherwise very similar to the old Murph, at 11.1mm thick and housing an H-10 (ETA) automatic movement inside with an 80-hour power reserve.

The other good news is that removing those few millimeters of steel also makes the 38mm Murph even more affordable ($100 less) than its bigger sister, at a fairly reasonable $895. It is now available online from the brand.


Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38




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