Explains why so many James Cameron films contain love stories

JamesCameronthe director of Avatar: The Way of WaterShe tells why he often plays love stories in his films. Cameron is behind some of the biggest blockbusters of all time and that’s how he started his career The Terminatorwho started a franchise. After that he directed Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Foreignerand True Lies before doing titanic, which was the highest-grossing film of all time at the time. Cameron then defeated titanic Checkout numbers with avatar, which has grossed over $2.9 billion worldwide since its release in 2009, making it the highest-grossing film of all time. While most of Cameron’s work is action and sci-fi, a common theme runs through his filmography, with love stories often playing a central role.


When speaking to Rich Magazine, Cameron talked about why love stories are so prominent in his films. While titanic is the most obvious of his films, to emphasize the romance, Cameron elaborates on his other works and talks about how they start out as genre projects, like terminator or The abyss. However, the director then continues to work “How to create real emotional stakes for the characters” which ultimately leads to it containing love stories. Check out Cameron’s comments on love stories in his films below:

“I’ve always said ‘all my films are love stories’, but I wouldn’t say that my creative process necessarily starts there, except for the obvious one: Titanic. I suggested it as “Romeo and Juliet on a sinking ship”. “So it was a love story from the start. For others, like The Terminator and The Abyss, they started out as genre stories – “a time-traveling killer targeting an insignificant person whose existence in the future is of great significance.” Or, in the case of The Abyss, a high-profile one-liner: ” Close Encounters Underwater.” But then when I try to figure out how to create real emotional stakes for the characters, my stories somehow always become love stories, I think. I’ve always believed that to be truly heroic, a character had to be someone putting others before yourself and being willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if necessary. So the love story is my way of creating powerful and heroic characters. It can be a new love (The Terminator, Titanic, Avatar), it could be a marriage being tested (The Abyss, True Lies), it can be a parent’s love for a child (Terminator 2, Aliens and Avatar: The Way Of Water). I guess I’m just a romantic at heart.”

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How Avatar 2 continues Cameron’s Love Story trend

Sam Worthington in Avatar The Way of Water

With Avatar: The Way of Water With the film hitting theaters soon, trailers indicate that Cameron’s use of love stories is likely to continue in the sequel. The director has incorporated love stories into his high-profile action movies, like Harry and Helen in True LiesSarah Conner and Kyle Reese will be there terminatorand even Ripley and Newt’s pseudo-mother-daughter relationship in Foreigner. The release of avatar offered audiences the same, with epic action amidst a love story between Sam Worthington’s Jake Sully and Zoe Saldaña’s Neytiri.

trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water have shown that Jake and Neytiri have started a family since the first film. Since the film seems to portray their family dynamic so prominently, Cameron has already set the emotional stakes. While the action will surely be an unforgettable spectacle, the heart of the story will see her family deal with new and known threats to their homeworld of Pandora, likely putting them all in jeopardy. Jake and Neytiri’s romance still seems to be a key component, but the emotional stakes will likely see them fight for their children now, making the love story in the film more that of parent and child.

Lots of details all around Avatar: The Way of Water are still locked. Using Cameron’s previous films and his reliance on love stories to engage audiences, the sequel will deliver the same in new and exciting ways. While the audience knows JamesCameron can deliver the action in Avatar: The Way of Waterthe film will surely highlight another love story as well, making the audience hold their breath at every tense moment.

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