Candlelight prayer will be held for Michael Vaughan on Wednesday evening

FRUITLAND, Idaho — The Fruitland congregation is coming together and holding a candlelight prayer group Wednesday night in support of the Vaughan family, who are still searching for answers after their five-year-old son went missing over a year ago.

Parishioners will gather at Fruitland Community Park at 6:00 p.m. to pray for answers, healing and strength.

This is one of the biggest cases the Fruitland Police Department has seen and they are taking their time with it to make sure everything is correct.

What do we know about this investigation so far?

Police are still searching a Fruitland residence they believe may have Michael’s remains after a credible lead from someone living in the searched house led them there.

On July 27, 2021, Michael Vaughan went missing and was last seen near his home in Fruitland.

The police and community quickly set out to search for Vaughan. For months there were no words about the sighting of the missing five-year-old, but police continued to receive leads.

About 6 months after Vaughan’s disappearance, police say they have received about 830 leads and are investigating any potential.

On June 24th Vaughan turned 6 years old but still no sign of him.

A year after his disappearance, police had received about 1,000 leads and deleted them all.

Which brings us to the now – police have received credible information that Vaughan’s remains could be found in the backyard of a Fruitland home, just minutes from his family home.

After a search warrant was issued, the warrant was served late on Veterans Day evening.

Upon entering the home, officers met Sarah Wondra. She was arrested and police say there is probable reason to believe they were aware of Vaughan’s death and failed to report it to law enforcement.

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The next day, November 12, the Fruitland Police Department, along with several others, began excavating the backyard of Wondra’s home. Still no answer if anything was found

Wondra was arraigned over Zoom in Payette District Court and later ordered to undergo a mental competency evaluation.

Sarah Wondra appears in court via Zoom.

Doug Lock Smith

Sarah Wondra appears in court via Zoom.

Based on the results of that assessment, Wondra was assigned to the Idaho Department of Health and Human Services and her preliminary hearing, scheduled for Tuesday, November 22, was vacated

Her next court appearance will be on December 23.


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