Black Owned Business Profile: The Black Coffee Company/Black Coffee ATL

The Black Coffee Company or Black Coffee ATL was founded in 2018 by Chris Bolden, Jamin Butler, Branden Cole, Gino Jones and Leonard Lightfoot. The Coffee Company is a premier coffee shop serving specialty coffees, loose leaf teas and freshly baked pastries.

The café also hosts various events such as game nights, workshops, classes, coffee tastings and more.

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Black Coffee is located in Atlanta’s Lakewood Heights neighborhood. photo submitted

The Atlanta Voice: Why was the company founded?

The Black Coffee Company: The Black Coffee Company was formed to set an example for our community. We are proud of our three pillars: entrepreneurship, financial freedom and community empowerment! There’s a common misconception that our community is incapable of working together successfully, and we’re here to change that narrative. We are proud of our coffee connections to the African continent and other global regions, as well as the opportunity to help build our own economy. Black Coffee Company has enabled us to leverage our collective capital, cultural experiences and networks to create a self-sustaining business selling fair trade organic coffee beans, branded merchandise and clothing and ultimately lifestyle.

A V: Was there a moment that inspired the start of the company?

The Black Coffee Company: It all started in 2015 on a trip to the Motown Museum in Detroit, Michigan, where we learned how Berry Gordy’s parents worked together to start a self-sustaining family investment fund. This fund not only provided business start-up capital for all family members, but also provided the funds Berry Gordy needed to start his Motown record label. For us, this was a divine moment of inspiration. We began to pool our resources and learned everything we could about investing so that we could become a vehicle for empowerment within our own community.

A V: Is there a mentor in your life who inspires/inspires you as an entrepreneur?

The Black Coffee Company: The late great Nipsey Hussle was a driving force in motivating the founding of the Black Coffee Company. His passion for improving his community and people inspired us to work together to create a space where we can thrive while being our incredible selves. Because of our late brother Nip, we understand that we are running a marathon, and through the ups and downs, the marathon continues.

A V: What are your business goals for the rest of the year?

The Black Coffee Company: This year we’re focused on growing our business both here in Atlanta and in a city near you! Black Coffee Atlanta, our flagship coffee shop at 1800 Jonesboro Rd, SE, Atlanta, GA 30315, is growing and thriving and we aim to expand our reach by offering more mobile and delivery options. We are also working to enable our Black Coffee Houston family to mobilize with a coffee truck in the Houston area so we can expand our reach in the Houston area. As the year draws to a close, we are actively planning our second annual Black Coffee Fest of 2023 to continue to support local entrepreneurs and provide resources for our community’s financial education.

A V: Any advice for future business owners to take the plunge?

The Black Coffee Company: Our advice to budding entrepreneurs is to trust the process, go at your own pace and never skip steps. If you skip steps, you’ll miss out on the valuable lessons you’ll learn along the way.


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