Black Adam Movie Reveals Shazam Easter Egg We’ve All Missed

Although Shazam and Black Adam have a long history together in the comics, Dwayne Johnson’s latest DCU film debuting the Anti-Hero didn’t include any mention of Zachary Levi’s Billy Batson.

On the one hand, it’s surprising that he wasn’t mentioned given how closely connected the two characters are. On the other hand, though, it’s not too shocking – Dwayne Johnson himself took steps to break Black Adam from the first Shazam Movie.

It has been reported that the actor isn’t Billy Batson’s biggest fan, even feeling that the tone of Levi’s hero and his subsequent films would not fit what Johnson is trying to achieve in his solo outings.

Black Adam, Shazam
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While many thought Black Adam came and went without a hint of Shazam itself, a new Easter egg was unveiled that was right under everyone’s nose the whole time.

A new Shazam Easter egg

Thanks to Twitter users @ShazamNewsa brand new Shazam Easter Egg at Dwayne Johnson Black Adam was revealed.

The scene in question is seen by Amon in his room where other heroes can be seen around the room; Superman, Batman, Aquaman and more. But upon closer inspection, it appears that Shazam does indeed have an air of representation in the recent DCU film.

Shazam, Black Adam

Zooming in, it also appears to be Zachary Levi’s version of the character. This makes it seemingly a safe bet that Amon knows of Shazam’s existence.

Black Adam, Shazam
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It looks like Black Adam Actress Sarah Shahi was right when she exclusively told The Direct that she believes her on-screen son knew about Zachary Levi’s heroes.

What does Shazam’s future hold with Black Adam?

While it’s nice to have a confirmed Easter egg for Zachary Levi’s Shazam Black Adamin this case it is more of a plot hole or inconsistency.

It’s usually not a problem if characters don’t mention every superhero they know. Here it is however; Amon is a superhero fanboy. How could he not even mention Billy Batson or even the whole Shazam family?

After all, Teth-Adam has very clear similarities with Shazam: a big yellow lightning bolt on the chest, one has to say literally “shazam” to gain or lose power and get powers from a wizard just to name a few. It’s hard to believe that Amon would never connect the obvious dots.

Given how the director of Shazam! wrath of the gods discussed Black Adam, fans shouldn’t expect connections between the two in the highly anticipated sequel.

Anyway, Johnson seems much more interested in pitting Black Adam against Henry Cavill’s Superman. Maybe one day someone can convince the actor to give Shazam his share.

Johnson himself appears to have confirmed that a Shazam crossover will happen later, but it’s hard to say what might actually happen.

Black Adam is available digitally now, while the physical 4K Blu-ray release is scheduled for January 3, 2023. wrath of the gods hits theaters on March 17 next year.


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