Another farce for fair play in college sports

YYoung female athletes have been quietly fighting for the right to fair play in sport for several years. Sometimes the fight seems more one-sided than ever. Take what’s happening in Seattle, Washington.

Aspen Hoffman, a natural man, is now competing with women after the sophomore decided to live as a woman at Seattle Academy. Playing on the girls’ team after years of playing with boys massively increased the runner’s odds of winning and left Hoffman’s female teammates in the dust. The 5,000-meter sprinter has two wins, including a conference championship, and three top two finishes in just eight races. Last year, while running as a biological male, Hoffman placed 72nd as a freshman in a boys’ cross-country race. Quite a contrast. Stunning indeed. Almost as if there were incredible differences between males and females.

The discrepancy between the girls’ team and boys’ team placings demonstrates the incredible physiological differences between male and female bodies. This situation is unfair and an affront to the purpose of Title IX.

Libs of TikTok curator Chaya Raichik first reported on the unusual track star in her Substack publication. Raichik spoke to family members of the female athletes on the team, who were disappointed not only to see the biological male runner beating female teammates, but because the issue has become so controversial and political that they cannot voice their frustration without consequences. “[The student] is taller than any of the girls and shamelessly takes first place on the podium,” another father told Raichik. “Now my daughter is competing against a man for scholarships. And we can’t even say anything. You can’t even approach it in a nice way without being branded a hateful fanatic. You will have threats against you.”

Father’s Right. But that’s not how it should be. Fair play for women is not a legal or political issue. Yet women across the country are taking to courts to defend their right to play a sport on a level playing field, just as Title IX originally intended.

There has been a spike in such fair play controversies nationwide since the Biden administration directed federal agencies to recognize gender identity as a protected class. The trickle down effect was that sports governing bodies lowered the bar for men to play on women’s teams. In Washington state, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association eliminated previous requirements that biological males could play on female teams after a year of testosterone or a medical exam. Now male athletes can compete in female teams based solely on how they identify. Several states have similar qualifications for men wishing to play on women’s sports teams.

The bar should not be lowered or changed at all. Pursuant to Title IX, there is no reason for biological boys or boys identifying as girls to play on girls’ teams. Their physiological and biological differences make it completely unfair to begin with. These differences have been swept aside in the name of politics, and the people who suffer most are the girls on these teams, who see their hard work running out, who are beaten in races they used to win, and who are losing college scholarship opportunities because of this unequal playing field.

If state sports federations don’t change their rules, schools and sports clubs will have to advocate for girls and only allow biological women to play in women’s teams. Fair Play was the original purpose of Title IX, and there’s no reason to turn it on its head now.


Nicole Russell is a staff member of the Washington examiner Beltway Confidential Blog. She is a journalist based in Washington, DC and previously worked in Republican politics in Minnesota. She is an opinion columnist for the Fort Worth Star Telegram.


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