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Joe Gerace had one goal and five assists to lead Johnnies Misfits 9-2 past El Greco.

Garrett Taylor and Tommy Muecke each had three goals and one assist; Josh Eppinger had two goals and two assists; Chris Myers had two assists; and John Dupere had an assist for the winners. Tyler Dykstra earned the win at the net.

Tim Whitacre and Kevin Harvey each scored a goal; David Morse had two assists; and Blade Ellis had an assist for El Greco. Matt Gernold took the loss at the net.


Justin Andriaccio had a hat trick and an assist to send Blackstone Advanced Technologies past Jamestown Skate Products 7-4.

Jake Andriaccio had four assists; Garrett Jones and Tom Gerace each had a goal and an assist; and Bryan Muecke had a template for the winners that Jason Maybach had on the net.

Tyler Clegg had two goals and one assist; Jeremy Hirliman had one goal and one assist; Ron Rothlieder had a goal; and Doug Weaver and Jarod Anderson each had two templates for Jamestown Skate Products that Jamie Zahm had on the net.


Jacob Zwieg, Joel Walsh and Curtis Carlson each scored two goals for Tim Horton, while Brysten Jones and Cooper Bergman each scored two goals for Schuyler’s Blue Bombers in a 7-7 draw.

Levi Madden scored a goal; Carlson and Walsh each had two assists; and Steve Warden had an assist for Tim Hortons who had Dave Weinstein in the net.

Dylan Bergman, Eric Arnone and Gib Stuart each had a goal and an assist, while Tom Cocker also had an assist for the Blue Bombers who had Brad Barmore in the net.


Alex Kryvoshyj and Jake Tota each scored in Line-X’s 3-2 win over Pearl City Hops.

Luke Tota had two assists and Emma Blasius had one to assist in winning keeper Nathan Hornstrom.

Brad Penhollow and Alex Kolstee each scored, while Chad Muscarella and Noah Weinstein each had an assist for Pearl City hops that had Matt Gernold in the net.


Chris Megarrie scored a hat trick to lead Hiller Tire Service 3-2 past Cobblestone Inspections.

Matt Peterson, Nolan Ditener and Dennis Green each had an assist for Hiller Tire Service who had Mike O’Neill in the net.

Luke DePonceau scored two goals and Andrew Hill had an assist for Cobblestone Inspections. Chris DePonceau took the loss at the net.


Christopher Henderson had two goals and an assist for Weber Knapp while Corey Alm had two goals and an assist for NWPA HC in a 4-4 draw.

Mike Brown and Erik Dahlgren each had a goal; Dan Cheney had two assists; and Pete Sheira and Colin Johnson each had a template for Weber Knapp, who had Jason Morgan in the net.

Dustin Chapman had a goal and an assist while Ben Farnham also scored for NWPA HC who had Keith Anderson in the net.


Dave Levandowski had three goals and two assists to lead Southside Redemption past Maybach Transport 9-5.

Nick Quattrone, Matt Anderson and Andrew McCartney each had a goal and an assist; Mike Smith and Troy Bouckhuyt each added a goal; Jason Mank had two assists; and Jaso Coleson and Eric Herman each had an assist to assist winning goalkeeper Matt Schmidt.

Dan Courtney had two goals and one assist; Bryan Muecke had one goal and two assists; Ryan Simon and Ron Rothlieder each had a goal and an assist; and Al Maybach had an assist for Maybach Transport who had Jason Maybach in the net.

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