According to Reddit, the 10 most disappointing movie cancellations of all time

Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro recently released test shots of his discontinued horror film In the mountains of madness. The brief glimpse again caused fans to mourn the exciting project that never came to fruition. And there are many other unrealized projects that share the same fate.

Fans on Reddit have named some of the canceled projects that have disappointed them the most. From intriguing adaptations of the work of celebrated filmmakers to superhero adventures that could have been, those cancellations still hurt even as the hope of seeing them one day continues to dwindle.


Tim Burton’s Superman Lives

Superman Lives Nicolas Cage costume

While the news of Henry Cavill returning as Superman is exciting for many fans, one Superman project that many still want to see has been lost to time. After the success of his Batman Filming, Tim Burton was hired to bring The Man of Steel to the big screen, with Nicolas Cage playing the hero.

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Redditor Prank_Owl admits they “don’t know if it would have been good, but I would have loved to see it”. Sure, the list of talent involved in the planned film seemed unconventional and could have ended in disaster, but it’s likely that it would have been anything but boring.

McDonald’s Monopoly scam film

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon had planned to work together again to tell the intriguing true crime story of the McDonald’s Monopoly scam. The film would focus on a security guard who successfully swindled the fast food empire out of millions of dollars from its popular Monopoly promotion.

The film appears to have fallen victim to the Disney-Fox merger, with Redditor EggsyBenedict lamenting that “of all the canceled Fox projects, this one was the one I was looking forward to the most.” It’s a sad reminder that the merger likely ended many potentially great projects.

To the White Sea

An adaptation of violent and brutal source material, To the White Sea had the potential to be one of the Coen brothers’ finest films. The story follows a pilot named Muldrow who is shot down over Tokyo and tries to return to his home in Alaska with Brad Pitt as the main actor.

Redditor ClankSinatra expressed his enthusiasm for the film as a “nearly dialogue-free adaptation.” It’s a bold take on a film and source material isn’t always pleasant, but it seems like the kind of story the Coen brothers would do brilliantly tell. Above all, fans of her works feel cheated of this lost classic.

Olympic size A-holes

Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari in 30 minutes or less

While many of the canceled films that fans are mourning are of popular franchises and characters. The comedy Olympic size A-holes was an original idea that fans would have liked to see. MTV reported that Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari were set to star as two men who hatch a plan to take down the Olympic athlete who stole their girlfriends.

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The film gained a good reputation online when a Redditor claimed he “heard this script was one of the funniest unproduced comedy films of all time”. It’s impressive that this smaller film has garnered such a reputation, but with the talent involved, it seems like it garnered some big laughs.

Neil Blomkamp’s Alien sequel

While the original extraterrestrial and the sequel Foreigner are two iconic sci-fi films that the franchise has struggled to reach these heights ever since. However, Neil Blomkamp was once appropriate to offer his opinion extraterrestrial Mythology that wowed fans.

Redditor Thatoneasian9600 thought that one exciting aspect of the proposed film was that “there would be a retcon foreigner 3 and resurrection.” That included bringing Hicks back after the iconic character was killed off-screen foreigner 3. Although Sigourney Weaver also wanted to return, the franchise seems to have taken a new direction.

mouse protection

While a number of promising animated films have been shelved over the years, mouse protection was one that caught the attention of many fans. An adaptation of the popular graphic novel series, the epic film would have followed the adventures of heroic mice in their dangerous kingdom.

After the film’s cancellation, the filmmakers released stunning test footage, prompting Redditor Alienboy13 to lament the “hard work all for nothing.” Considering how enthusiastically the footage was received, it’s a little surprising that the studio didn’t consider scrapping the whole thing.

The tough men

Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher and Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum

Before working together in the wild tropical thunderBen Stiller and Tom Cruise almost teamed up for another comedy project. The tough men would have seen the two stars play the adult versions of the Hardy Boys, who reunite for another mysterious adventure.

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Redditor TheTesh thought the prospect of the film “sounded great,” and it’s hard to disagree. Not only would it have been interesting to see Cruise in such a comedic project.

Wolfgang Petersen’s Batman vs Superman

Batman fights Superman in Hush using his Kryptonite ring

There are many fans who felt that Batman vs Superman was a good premise wasted on a bad film. However, the two most iconic DC characters almost faced each other long before Zack Snyder began planning a Batman vs. Superman storyline with the late director Wolfgang Petersen.

Redditor BusinessPurge admitted that the “script was pretty solid” and had been circulating online for years. As fans get a real glimpse of what could have been, their disappointment that it never happened is even stronger.

Justice League: Mortal

As one of the most iconic superhero teams of all time, it’s quite surprising that there was only one justice league movie so far. But long before the DCEU was formed, Justice League: Mortal almost assembled the iconic heroes with a master action director at the helm.

Redditor IrishEv expressed the opinion of many fans, stating that they “would have loved to see what George Miller would have done with the beloved DC characters.” The fact that Miller made it one of the most epic action movies of all time Mad Max: Fury Road only confirmed to the fans that they missed something special.

On the mountain of madness

In the mountains of madness

Based on the novel by HP Lovecraft, In the mountains of madness would have followed an expedition to Antarctica that encountered a terrible evil. The film was a passion project for del Toro and Tom Cruise was rumored to have starred at one point.

Redditor correcthorsestapler offered up the potential issue that “the studio wanted a PG-13 movie while the director wanted an R rating.” With del Toro now a better known and Oscar-winning director and streaming platforms taking risks with R-rated material, fans are hoping that one day this will become a reality.

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