A sequel to a Ryan Reynolds movie is trending on Netflix

RIPD 2 is currently trending on Netflix.

By Mark McKee | Released

Ryan Reynolds is perhaps one of the safest things to do at the box office Dead Pool and The Hitman’s bodyguard and in streaming with Red notice and The Adam Project, but he wasn’t always as he keeps a few skeletons in his filmography closet. Of course a film for which he gets a lot of criticism and even makes fun of himself with several references Dead Pool movie, it’s his turn as Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern; but a movie that flies under the radar is one of the biggest flops of all time RIPD But you know, Hollywood, a massive flop is no reason not to do a sequel, and a sequel to his undead cop movie, RIPD 2: Rise of the DamnedAccording to Flix Patrol, he’s now killing it on Netflix.


RIPD 2: Rise of the Damned was released on the streamer on November 15 and landed at number three in the top ten; then, on November 16, it retained the spot before rising to number two on November 18. Of course, a new film will initially generate some interest before gradually fading away, and it already seems to be doing so, as it dropped to number five on the streamer on November 19 and eventually further down to number seven on 11/20.

Netflix is ​​notorious for having hits that take the world by storm for a short time before fading into oblivion, such as Red notice, extraction, The gray manand The Old Guard.

RIPD, the Dark Horse comic book, follows Nick Cruz, a man who is murdered by an unknown assailant at the height of his personal and professional career and trades 100 years of service to the Rest In Peace department. In exchange for allowing him to investigate his own murder, he will serve with the undead police in charge of the man above; Unfortunately, the investigation leads him to the gates of hell. RIPD changed the protagonist’s name to Nick Walker (which makes sense since Ryan Reynolds isn’t Latino) and RIPD 2 creates a whole new character.

The sequel swapped Ryan Reynolds for another actor with a lesser name but similar talent, Jeffrey Donovan, who played Roy Pulsipher, an Old West sheriff who has risen to save humanity from a portal to hell. RIPD 2 also plays Rachel Adedeji (Hollyoaks), Penelope Mitchell (hellboy, Star Trek: Picard), Richard Brake (king man: The Secret Service, The Mandolorian) and Jake Choi (single parent, successor).

Donovan was last seen on law & order as Detective Frank Cosgrove, leading the latest generation of detectives in the long-running police investigation, but he is probably best known as Michael Westin in the US production of fire notice.

RIPD 2 may be one of the most-watched movies on Netflix in the last week, but there’s no indication that seeing what they’ve done with the popular Dark Horse comic will be nothing but pure curiosity. With it already starting to fall down the rankings in its first week of availability, it seems that the sequel will meet the same fate as its predecessor.


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