10 Movies That Really Scare Redditors

See horror 2 in the theater was a scary experience for many, and the grin pure to smile have also haunted. Regardless of whether someone tries to watch every horror film or avoids the genre altogether, some films have a lasting impact and justifiably feel unsettling.

Reddit fans have shared the movies that really scared them, from tales of demonic possession to a home invasion slasher that feels like it could happen anytime. For some, The ring is the scariest movie you’ve seen. It’s eerie to imagine Samara Morgan walking out of a TV with her long black hair.


Pine (1975)

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Brody with a shark behind him in Jaws

It’s easy to imagine Jaw when you think of a movie with a beach setting since it’s such a classic. Redditor Thelawtman1986 posted that it really scared them, writing that they “still get a little nervous in dark water, honestly.”

One of the best movies about sharks forever, there’s no denying how spooky it is to see characters wondering if they’re about to be attacked by a shark. The tense feeling runs through the whole film. After watching Jawit’s hard not to worry about sharks when swimming in a lake or ocean.

Hereditary (2018)

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Charlie is outside the tree house in Hereditary

Hereditary was celebrated thanks to writer/director Ari Aster’s dark portrait of a family unraveled by demonic possession. It is also considered to be absolutely chill. Redditor Miepasie wrote that “the crazy people in the background, the rawness, and a whole bunch of other elements of this movie make it like… a nightmare you’re living through.”

Every member of the Graham family is stalked, and after Charlie’s unexpected death, the rest of the story is intense and fast-paced. While appreciating the artistry and talent behind the film, it’s understandable that the images are truly impressive.

The Exorcist (1973)

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Regan rises over the bed in The Exorcist

There are some classic horror movies that stick with audiences for years thanks to some vivid and dark imagery that you can’t pull away from. Redditor Babyform noted, “The stairway scene in The Exorcist‘ and wrote, ‘I couldn’t go near stairs for a hot minute after that.’

For some, watching Regan MacNeil squirm on a bed after a demonic possession is unforgettable. For others, it’s the scene where she gets sick that sticks out the most in their minds. Either way, The Exorcist is very worrying.

Barbarian (2022)

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Georgina Campbell in Barbarian

barbarian has intrigued horror fans since its release in September 2022, thanks to a premise that morphs into something different than what the trailer assumes. Redditor Veechsingleton wrote, “I felt very tense and uncomfortable most of the time watching.”

The shocking moments in barbarian are awful when Tess Marshall is staying in a rental house and discovers something in the basement. It’s easy to assume that after watching, a darkness lurks in a stairwell or basement.

Tusk (2014)

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Justin Long in Tusk

Body horror fans will appreciate it tusk for sharing a special story about a podcast host who meets Howard, a man who lives alone and is obsessed with a walrus he once encountered. Written and directed by Kevin Smith, the film contains some particularly gruesome and detailed scenes. One Redditor said: “I’ve been trying to get this movie out of my head since I saw it.

Even if you’re familiar with the horror subgenre, what happens with Wallace might be too intense. The film does not shy away from vivid and graphic images.

Paranormal Activity (2009)

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Katie and Micah in bed in Paranormal Activity

Since Paranormal Activity is a found footage story, it’s not hard to imagine living in a haunted house or apartment while watching. Redditor Gooberflagm2 said that this movie “given me goosebumps. The idea of ​​putting cameras around the house and seeing things moving when they shouldn’t scares me.”

The film has no flashy costumed slasher villains or an evil spirit summoned for a reason. Instead, it suggests that many people live in homes haunted by ghosts, and they have no idea.

The Grudge (2004)

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Sarah Michelle Gellar with a ghost behind her in The Grudge

Redditor Sneakiee_Cat responded to movies that really scared her The resentment. The fan wrote, “I used to wash my hair so quickly and quickly double-check behind me to make sure there wasn’t a spooky ghost hand behind my head.”

Based on Ju On Horror franchise, the 2004 American remake The resentment sees Karen living in Tokyo and learns of a curse that has been in place for a long time. Even those who don’t even move when there’s a jump scare can understand how scary it is to see a character standing behind a character. That happens a lot in this film.

The Strangers (2008)

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Scott Speedman in The Strangers.

If most slashers assume that a killer needs a reason to haunt the main characters, then so be it The strangers turns that on its head. A couple are staying at a house in the country when masked intruders show up and say they’re killing them ‘because you were home’. Redditor GrandmasNickname said the film “came a little too close for someone living alone.”

It feels easier to be genuinely scared while watching The strangers than other horror films from the same subgenre because the killers are so nonchalant and indifferent to what they are doing. It’s definitely one of the more unsettling concepts.

The Butterfly Effect (2004)

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Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect.

Redditor Appropriate_Might901 said “The Butterfly Effect‘ really scared them. Many probably remember seeing this film and feeling intimidated. While The Butterfly Effect has confusing moments, it’s still terrifying as the main character finds himself in increasingly dire situations.

Since the main premise is that Evan Treborn sees terrible tragedies, it’s understandable to find the story disturbing. Evan travels through time reading the journal he kept when he was younger. If he changes the past, it changes something else. Evan has seen so much pain that many scenes are brutal to watch.

The Ring (2002)

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Samara Morgan in front of the fountain in The Ring

Samara Morgan does The ring the scary experience it is. Feeling genuinely scared while watching, Redditor concaveUsurper wrote, “Didn’t help that I was way too young and had an old tube TV in my room that looked exactly like the one in the movie.”

Even knowing that Samara is a fictional character from a movie, it’s still easy to assume that she really could leave the TV and come into the living room of whoever tunes in. Samara’s scratched face and long hair look scary.

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