The BVCA focuses on village issues and community events within Buckshaw Village. The BVCA volunteers attempt to aid villagers on village issues while communicating our activities to residents. The committee of volunteers are involved in anything from website development, forum moderation, developing the fundraising of notice boards/leafleting, working positively with RMG & all developers, updating press, making residents aware of new commercial/community developments (i.e. railway, the hub, health centre), co-ordinating residents meetings, meeting with councils over boundary decisions, cycle path development, community growing projects, leaflet drop co-ordination etc.

The BVCA Events Team handles the creation, planning and delivery of all BVCA community events. In the past this has included Christmas pantomimes, Halloween events, quarterly farmers markets, BVCA birthday events, pub quizzes, Easter events, Celebrating our Heroes Events etc.

The BVCA have a working relationship with the BVMCL, more significantly we have developed and strong working relationship with RMG & Envirocare. We work with both companies for the benefit of the village and on behalf of residents; this helps us raise issues when they arise. The BVCA can be and are constantly involved in working towards a solution on resident's behalf providing a collective approach towards BVMCL/RMG/ENVIROCARE.

The BVCA meets with RMG and Envirocare to discuss issues within the village management and community amenity areas. The community centre and sports pitches are owned by the BVMCL and managed by RMG. The lease for the community centre states that RMG have to work with a group of residents to develop and sustain the centre’s amenities the BVCA is this group of designated residents.

Whilst we officially meet monthly, the BVCA are pleased to say that we speak regularly with RMG on a variety of issues. This ensures that residents have a direct link with RMG and that the BVCA are working on behalf of all Buckshaw Village resident's, with their best interests our number one concern.