BVCA Memberships

So who is a BVCA Member?

All residents who reside in a dwelling within the boundaries of Buckshaw Village, as shown on the map in Appendix A of our constitution as their permanent residency will be deemed members of the BVCA unless a specific request is received to the Executive Committee to be excluded.

All members over the age of 16 years old will have voting rights to elect the Executive Committee at either an Annual or Special General Meeting. All votes are equal.

All residents matching the above criteria are eligible to stand for election onto the BVCA Executive Committee.

For full details please see the BVCA Constitution

Who are the BVCA Committee?

The BVCA Committee are all residents of Buckshaw who have volunteered to help the BVCA. All Committee members are voted onto the Committee by BVCA members (i.e. Buckshaw residents attending the general meeting). All Buckshaw residents are by default, BVCA members and therefore responsible for electing the BVCA Committee.

BVCA Committee Rules & Conditions

The BVCA committee will act ethically in all its dealings with residents and organisations, whilst protecting the interests of the Association. It will have a set of rigid values surrounding:

  • None Political affiliation
  • Equal opportunities
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Impartiality

Executive committee members of the BVCA agree to the following rules and conditions of office:

  • Full disclosure of interests
  • To act lawfully at all times
  • To be honest in all interactions
  • To have no interest in property belonging to the BVCA
  • To not benefit financially from the BVCA
  • To abide by the constitutional framework
  • To not act aggressively toward members
  • To not discriminate against members
  • To act professionally at all time
  • To support and contribute towards committee activities