BVCA Community Garden

BVCA conducted a residents survey on Dec 2009 respondents stated that they wanted to see a community garden on the village.

The BVCA negotiated several sites with Barratts across the village and arranged for equipment and plants for the community gardens to be donated by Envirocare and more importantly, maintained by BVCA to make them a sustainable asset for the village. The improvements at the Green Man where funded by monies raised by BVCA. Previous Chair of the BVCA, Brian completed some great preparatory work leading up to this point and the BVCA are grateful for the work he pioneered in this respect.

The Green Man

The Green Man is the statue at the entrance to Buckshaw Village. The BVCA joined forces with Bucksaw’s ground maintenance firm, Envirocare to bring the green man to life! A BVCA dig was held Saturday 29th November 2011 where the 20 Committee members of the BVCA and their families, supported by the team at Envirocare and Berry, carried out the works to bring the garden to life.

In the past, the climbing plants at this location have not survived and the Green Man has never been covered in bloom as the artist originally designed. In order to prepare the site so that plants have a better chance of flourishing, a drainage channel was created, the area for planting at the feet of the Green man was dug out and soil improvers donated by Envirocare added. Climbers and spring flowering bulbs where added too. Following this initial dig to prepare the site, more plants donated by Envirocare where planted in spring 2012. The plants are both floral and evergreen, to ensure a variety of interest throughout the seasons. These plants are hardy varieties that can survive the exposed location of the green man and the growth will be monitored by Envirocare and the BVCA.

Christmas Tree

Outside the community centre is a special location where we have our annual Christmas tree which is kindly donated by Envirocare.

Christmas Tree Planters

BVCA Local groups Garden