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Buckshaw Local Policing

Police and Communities Together, or PACT, is the name given to making sure local people have a say and involvement in how their local neighbourhood is policed. The PACT process gives residents the chance to meet their neighbourhood policing team every 6 weeks, have a say on how your neighbourhood is policed and monitor performance.

At the PACT meeting residents can tell their neighbourhood policing team their issues. After discussion, the panel decides on the top three policing priorities for the period. The neighbourhood policing team will report back at the next meeting on progress on solving the issues - sometimes working with other agencies. PACT meetings are open to everyone.

(Lancashire Constabulary, July 2011)

What is neighbourhood policing?

Every neighbourhood in Lancashire has a neighbourhood policing team. The neighbourhood policing team is dedicated to:

  • 'Getting things done' in your area and spending at least 80% of their time visibly doing this;
  • Visible and easy to contact by phone, through local meetings called Police and Communities Together (PACT) and through the internet;
  • Committed to listening to you to find out what your concerns and priorities are;
  • Determined to work with you and with other organisations to tackle the problems that you identify;
  • Responsible for telling you what they have done in answer to your problems.

Who are the Buckshaw neighbourhood officers?

Name: PC 3252 Michael Payne
Position: Community Beat Officer
Telephone Number: 01257 246225
E-Mail: chorley.NPT@lancashire.pnn.police.uk
Name: PCSO Vicky Collins
Position: Community Support Officer
Telephone Number: 01257 246225
E-Mail: vicky.collins@lancashire.pnn.police.uk