Buckshaw Annual Service Charge Explaine

All Buckshaw property owners pay an annual management fee to the Buckshaw Village Management Co. Ltd (BVMCL) either directly or indirectly. The BVMCL is made up of all Buckshaw developers, with the principle developers being Redrow & Barratt who own the majority of the land on the village. This funding pays for the maintenance of all community amenities including the parks, community centre, Astro pitches and communal green areas etc.

Who are RMG?

RMG is the management company that are contracted by BVMCL to collect the annual management fee on their behalf. RMG manage the day to day administration of the Village and its amenities, including the collective management fund.

Who are Envirocare?

Envirocare are contracted by RMG to look after the day to day maintenance of Buckshaw. This includes grounds maintenance, parks maintenance, cleaning and the bookings of the community centre & Astro turf facilities.


Will the management fee go up?

The management fee is currently fixed at £150pa until March 2015. At that point there will be a review and the management fee may change.

I’ve heard that if the community amenities don’t make a profit then my annual management fee will go up?

The funding is directly related to the profit/loss of the community amenities. Therefore if the Astro turf or the community centre fails to cover their running costs, this impacts the funding and will inevitably have an effect on the annual management fee. The BVCA once sat on the village management group (made up of RMG, Envirocare and BVCA, as residents) and where fully involved to ensure that the community centre and Astro turf maximised their potential to turn a profit in order to safeguard the funding and keep the management fee as low as possible.

Who’s responsible for the upkeep of the street lights, road names and other street furniture?

The owners of the road are responsible for all street furniture. At the moment some roads on Buckshaw are still owned privately by the respective developer – it will be some years until the roads are adopted by Lancashire County Council (LCC). RMG has a responsibility for a proportion of the communal areas – including a section of the green corridor. To find out who has responsibility for your street/nearby roads please contact RMG (details below) or your local council.

Will the councils ever adopt Buckshaw and its amenities, meaning we won’t have to pay an extra management fee?

Buckshaw Village is split between two Borough Councils and currently there are no plans for the village to be adopted. This process will be a long drawn out issue and until the village construction is finished it is unlikely this will be viewed in any great detail.

I get charged for two sets of Management Fees – why is this?

Every household on Buckshaw pays an annual service charge. This service charge covers areas like the green corridor, the mound, the community centre and the sports pitches (as outlined above). If you receive a bill requesting monies for another service charge (i.e. Runshaw MCL, Cuerden MCL, Worden Hall MCL etc), this money covers the cost of shared areas pertinent to your property and could include the maintenance of your car park, shared garden, hallways etc. For more information please contact RMG directly as they will have more detailed relating to your property than can be covered on our website.

How can I contact RMG about a specific problem?

If you have a specific enquiry or problem relating to your management fee please contact Property Manages:

Simon Pearson (Estate Manager), Simon.Pearson@rmg.gb.com

Matthew Reynolds (Property Manager), Matthew.Reynolds@rmg.gb.com

General Enquiries:

0345 002 4444


www.rmgltd.co.uk (chat service)

FYI, Simon is usually here 3 to 4 days a week, Matthew will be on site every couple of weeks generally.